Welcome to paradise..?

So here it is. My first blog post. Actually that’s a lie. I used to have a healthy recipe and lifestyle blog. But I couldn’t keep up with the weekly recipes. There’s only so much you can do with spinach.

I have no idea how they do it. You know, those bloggers who have full-time jobs but are forever popping up with a new mung-bean chocolate brownie recipe everyday. I’d imagine most of them are just changing one ingredient in someone else’s mung-bean brownie recipe and claiming it as their own. If in doubt, add cinnamon.

A recipe for chaos
Anyway, I probably won’t be posting many recipes this time round. Instead, I’ll be sharing extracts of my new life. I escaped the claws of corporate London for an idyllic, tranquil life freelancing from our new home in Devon. Except my husband and kids came with me so there’s nothing tranquil about it at all.

In fact, as I type this, my almost 2 year old son, Blake, has woken up early from his nap. Typical.

“Mum needs at least an hour to work on her new blog. I’ll make sure I set my mental alarm to be up in 20 minutes so she has to finish it whilst plying me with raisins and listening to Peppa Pig on the iPad. I’ll save my extra long 2 and a half hour nap for the weekend when Daddy’s here and wants to watch Tennis.”

I think of my children as only-slightly-less manipulative versions of Stewie from Family Guy. They both have internal monologues mainly concerned with how they’re going to destroy me.

A sign from above
Also during the course of writing this post, something large has fallen off my roof. I’m hoping it’s not one of the scaffolders. There shouldn’t even be any scaffolding. We bought a brand new house. But not a week has gone by without something needing to be fixed. The random matrix of poles currently supporting my house are only there because the scaffolders broke the left side of the roof while they were up there last month fixing the right side of the roof.

Like I said, we moved here for a tranquil life…


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